Monday, 27 February 2012

15. If in doubt use a search engine – cross reference websites to make sure a “fact” is right to avoid Wanky Balls disasters

Now don't get me wrong the Internet is lovely and all that. Occasionally - when not being used to browse the Mulberry website, cats in hats or porn - it can actually be helpful.

In fact, as we've already seen you really do need to use it but that is not to say you shouldn't be wary of the errr facts.

If in doubt cross-reference any facts - actually even if you're not in any doubt cross-reference anyway.

Otherwise this might just happen...a Wanky Balls disaster (Pic taken from Laurel Papworth's blog).

I mean that's obvious, right? Surely you have to wonder why they thought the admission of the words "Wanky Balls" was in some way appropriate but honestly, you might think commonsense would come into it.

Evidently not.

To date there are 3,960 - no sorry now this has been published 3,961 - references to it on Google. Mostly berating lazy journalists - and for what? A picture caption.

And they are not alone. Papers are littered with errors culled from the Internet and, in all honesty, newspaper cuts as well.

One mistake can become enshrined in newspaper law forever. Perhaps not so bad for the actress who remains perpetually 30 but not really good for the industry.

(Btw it's always worth asking in celebrity interviews what is the most ridiculous thing they've read about themselves - I once did half an interview with Arthur Smith (not available online) based around this premise.)

So by all means use Wikipedia it is a good and useful source of information...but it is not a primary source of information.

And while we are on the subject don't forget to use books (but you may just want to cross-ref them as well).

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